4 MADE IN PAKISTAN Beauty Brands - 2017

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 I was not writing a blog for so long thought to do one this time i am listing 4 beauty brands  that are actually made in pakistan
i never like to invest in pakistani beauty brands
but everything is changing we are getting better and better by time , the product, the ingredient and everything needED TO GIVE LIFE TO beauty product !
This year i thought to research about some pakistan beauty brand which are actually made in pakistan or made by pakistani's so keeping it short and simple as always not talking about behind the brand we are sharing some cool minutiae about the Brands
 lets start with number 1 beauty brand i am drolling for (MAde in Pakistan ☪ )

💥 Luscious Cosmetics

1:Sculpted face Highlighted Cheeks, Sharp Jawline, contoured nose who doesn't want that
we all i know! but achieving is kinda struggles  us !  their famous contour kit , famous on Instagram  

2: black is in just check the colour range obviously we can't finished our mac and huda lipstick for every day look
3: pakistani's favourite feature brows man brows we spent alot of time on making our favourite prominent feature look more bushy and fleek

Well this brand is 
Vegan & Cruelty Free 2007 just for your information


This Brand is everywhere on instagram there lashes and brow pomade
their brows pomade can be a best dupe option of ABH pomade you can't stop your self from obessing their lashes can i am not saying that the fans are ! the reviews can't be a lie plus point is they are 
Ethically sourced & cruelty-free                          

Beautify By Amna

There 24k gold primer are so soothing and moisturizing

& their makeup brushes the ellites are loving the contour brush man even the blogger & beauty guru are appreciating it & recommending it !

💥 Masarrat Misbah Makeup

Not every brand gives good foundation range but this beauty brand gives amazing matte foundations in great range we are swear by their products

This was it for this post 
Just let know if you have try any of these brand tell us what you have to say about their products in the comments below until next time !!

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